September Microadventure

So it was on Thursday afternoon I approached Matt with the idea – a September Microadventure – (for those who don’t know the term “microadventure” has been championed by Alastair Humphreys – not that he claims to have re-invented the wheel – more defined the idea of getting away from the rat race on your own door step).

The plan was simple – we would both meet at Trent Lock in the pub (8 miles away for me and about 12 for Matt), have a pint – ride a little – have another pint – find somewhere by the Trent to kip for the night! Being a microadventure we decided on bivi bags rather than tents – both of us have the fantastic value for money Alpkit Hunka.

Bike set up to go, plan was to meet at 9pm.


En route to the pub


Beeston Canal


First pint at Trent Lock. The weather was lovely & warm so we sat outside enjoying the last of the summer!



Now on to the second pub


When we got there it was just us and 2 other people, not exactly busy tonight!


Second pint went down a treat!


After the pub we rode for a few miles back to the river to find a bivi spot. While looking for somewhere suitable the heavens opened – the forecast rain was a hour early! Never mind – quickly we popped the bikes upside down and put the Alpkit Rig tarp over the bikes and secure it with a few ropes, at least we could unpack the sleeping bags in the dry now!


All set up, time to crack open the Whiskey – cant say I’ve had whiskey out of a titanium cup before but it certainly wont be the last time!


We nattered and put the world to rights and drifted to sleep with the rain hammering down above, call of nature at 2am meant the bivi worm dance getting out of the sleeping bag and bivi – a sight to behold!

Morning broke and it was still raining, time to get a coffee on.


with the coffee made, the rain subsided briefly – we we very impressed with the pitch we chose – the long grass made it very comfy!



and then we packed up – leave no trace!


Time to ride home, the sun starting to peep through as we got to Sawley marina


Time to go our separate ways home!



A little bit muddier going home!


and at 9am I was home!


so I left at 8.20pm and was home for 9am in time for some bacon butties – a great catch up and little microadventure!


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