Highlands – an update…

So tomorrow I should be heading to Inverness to begin the Highlands tour (that has been a year in the planning!) but unfortunately it’s been delayed…. again! (here’s the route we planned… https://haydenwsite.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/the-route-in-detail/ )

Back in May when we originally planned to ride (and subsequently rode the Peaky Blinder mini tour in the Peak Dirtrict – https://haydenwsite.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/a-peaky-blinder/ ) the trip was delayed due to my wife’s Grandfather no being at all well – the right call was to not go to the opposite end of the country where I may have been needed to shoot back at a moments (thankfully he got better so it never came to this!). This time moving house has conspired to delay me! Back in June when we agreed on buying a house, I rather naively thought we would be in by now, but alas no. We’re due to be moving while we’re in Scotland – hence the delay!

Nevermind, at least one thing – I’ve managed to secure a pass for tomorrow night for a September Microadventure so watch this space!


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