A mini microadventure catch up!

So Monday 15th June I had the idea for a catch up with a couple of buddies who i’d not seen for well over a month. Unfortunately Gibbo couldn’t make it but Wayne could so I proposed a “mini” Microadventure.

The date proposed was Saturday 20th June – “lets head out somewhere we’ve never ridden before” – not the easiest thing when you have limited time and have cycled a far few k from your doorstep! We decided off road would be best & I chose my On-One Inbred single speed. Wayne would be on his Raleigh Max (that was brought new by Gibbo some 18 years previous!) that has seen him through the hills of Sheffield at Uni and several years of hard labour!

Not that we need an excuse for a catch up but as  bit of an incentive I said to Wayne i’d bring my camping cookset & some bacon and coffee for the ride – selling it on the fact we’d find a nice spot by the river to get the stove set up (Alpkit Kraku, MyTi mug & Trangia frying pan).

Saturday rolled up and the pre arranged 9.30am start time was put back to 10am as I overslept – oops! At least I had the sense to prep the bike the night before meaning all I had to do was chuck the bacon in my Carradice saddlebag and ride!

The route took us along Victoria embankment and over the suspension bridge (so we’re on the south side of the River Trent) and we followed that towards Holme Pierrepont (where we’ve been many times before but no further). Going through Holme Pierrepont there was an event on that we passed through were people were running and swimming in a 10k event – looked like they were having fun!

At the top of the rowing lake we turned off and into new territory – through a tiny overgrown footpath we eventually picked up a small road used by the fisherman to gain access. We followed this until the path was blocked by a “keep out” gate so just playing daft we climbed over lifting the bikes. Further progress made we reached Radcliffe on Trent and picked up another cheeky footpath up hill away from the river along a little gem overlooking Nottinghamshire through the trees and over the Trent. Down a nice little descent and a bit more hike a bike over a few fences we were at the old Ferry crossing on the other side to Stoke Bardolph – nice little picnic spot here noted for future use and we cracked on. We picked up the road back to Shelford and out to Gunthorpe bridge. Picking up the path we followed the Trent for a little while longer until we were sat less than 1 meter from the Trent at Gunthorpe weir.

Our Café for the day. The view of the Trent rushing over Gunthorpe weir

It was a great spot to stop, the rumble of the river just a few feet from us, the fishermen downstream casting up towards the weir and the sun on our backs. We had only ridden 13 miles from our doorstep but here was somewhere i’d never been before and it was magical!

Wayne on bacon duties. The mighty Raleigh Max in the fore.
My steed for todays ride – On-One Inbred single speed
Looking down the river – prime fishing location by the looks of it!

Stoves set up, Wayne tending to the bacon and me on coffee duty time flew by as we chewed the fat and put the world to rights! The bacon is salty, fresh and fantastic! The coffee strong and refreshing. What a great idea, the perfect spot for a bivi one night when we have more time!

Enjoying the fruits of our labour!

A phone call from Gibbo explained he’s now got some time free and the decision is made to catch up in the pub back in West Bridgford. We grab our rubbish and stuff it in the Carradice – I pose for a picture and we’re off!

Packed up and ready to go – leave no trace!

About a hour later we’re sat in the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay pints in hand. Gibbo pops in 5 minutes later and we recount the mini microadventure – one to do again for sure!

Not really hard earned but went down a treat!

5 pints and a slow final 2 miles and its 4pm and i’m back home in time for some dinner! Only 23 miles done but some cracking new spots were found!


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