A Peaky Blinder – Kit List

So here’s a list of what I took – rather surprisingly including bike weight I was at 26.3kg all in. Less bike weight the luggage weight was at a quite respectable 13.8 kg. There are still things however I could do to reduce this further and will explore in due course.

Description Name Weight (g)
Front Bag – Alpkit Kanga, 8l dry bag & Roo harness Bags Alpkit Kanga Harness, Roo Pouch & 8l drybag              804
Sleeping sleeping bag              705
Bike security combi lock              373
misc. Hygene/lights/etc headtorch                97
misc. Hygene/lights/etc alarm                22
misc. Hygene/lights/etc folding backpack                71
misc. Hygene/lights/etc folding knife                62
misc. Hygene/lights/etc hip flask funnel                    4
Total front weight          2,138
Frame Bag – Alpkit Possum Bags Alpkit Possum Frame bag              200
Shelter Pegs x 12              257
Shelter carbon poles for tarp              275
Bike essensials Topeak Mountain Morph pump              250
misc. Hygene/lights/etc spare spokes / small bike bits              120
misc. Hygene/lights/etc small can of WD40              150
Total frame bag weight          1,252
Top tube bags – Alpkit Fuel Pod Medium & Small Bags Alpkit Fuel Pod Medium                80
Food/Drink Food / Flapjacks / Cereal Bars etc              350
Bags Alpkit Fuel Pod Small                70
Bike essensials tubes / patch kit / multi tool              284
Bike essensials tyre levers / tyre boot etc              150
Total Top tube weight              934
Carradice Camper Longflap – with 4l Alpkit Drybag Shelter DD Superlight Hammock              273
Shelter Alpkit Rig 7 tarp & stuff bag              536
Shelter Alpkit Hunka Bivi bag              371
Shelter lots of paracord              251
Shelter 6 x bungee elastics                77
Cooking cup                86
misc. Hygene/lights/etc 2 x rear lights                83
Cooking Alpkit MyTi mug & Kraku stove, etc              367
Bags Alpkit Stem cell bag (for brewpot)                76
Cooking another wind proof lighter                57
Cooking light my fire stick                46
misc. Hygene/lights/etc small penknife                45
Food/Drinks coffee                40
bike clothes altura micro jacket              133
Clothes spare gloves                45
Clothes wool socks                57
Clothes black buff                39
Clothes long johns              240
Clothes tech trousers              385
Bags 4l red drybag                29
Food/Drinks 4 x mugshots              273
Shelter small tarp              303
misc. Hygene/lights/etc mini towel                25
misc. Hygene/lights/etc big towel and deo etc              350
Shelter bivi footprint              139
misc. Hygene/lights/etc darts              284
Clothes shoes              547
Cooking plastic fork                    2
Food/Drinks gels & flapjack              178
misc. Hygene/lights/etc garmin 200                59
misc. Hygene/lights/etc big battery & cables              354
misc. Hygene/lights/etc other battery & cable              266
misc. Hygene/lights/etc mini battery                72
misc. Hygene/lights/etc other mini battery                97
misc. Hygene/lights/etc back up phone                72
misc. Hygene/lights/etc sunglasses lenses                15
Bags blue 2 drybag                24
Cooking windshield              120
misc. Hygene/lights/etc babywipes              189
Bike essensials tubes – bike essensials              379
Clothes red buff                37
Bike essensials other bike essensials                58
bike clothes galiber rain jacket              236
bike clothes overshoes              134
Bags carradice bag and alpkit drybag          1,294
bike clothes string vest                52
Bags orange 4l dry bag                29
Clothes down jacket & bag              289
Clothes blue merino tshirt              160
Clothes merino baselayer              212
Total Saddlepack weight          9,485
Bike Bike Spa Audax        11,000
Water bottles 2 x Water bottles (full)          1,500
Bike weight        12,500

(The info from the table above is on the below picture, you may need to click to expand to read it better).

Kit for Peaks


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