Planning for the 2015 Scottish Highlands tour 04/11/14

So with the bones of a route, it was decided another planning session was in order.

The first route we had seemed to have several really long days and a pressure to make campsites / youth hostels. The learning’s from the Notts to Edinburgh trip were that long days while achievable are sometimes not ideal – the lack of being able to change the route due to unforeseen circumstances left us with a expensive first night when we had 7 punctures and lost alot of time due to the weather unable to make our per-arranged hotel, a night in a expensive one kept us on track but at cost.

With this in mind for our 2015 trip we’ve decided where possible to “wing it” and wild camp as much as possible – with a stop halfway in a youth hostel or B&B.

So this visit to the pub after work was to assess the route and make more manageable distances for each day and potentially spot places for wild camping.


The revised route with more realistic distances per day


Andy checking the route – enjoying a fine ale.


Matt & myself deep in thought.



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